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My Naked Truth

I’m an excitable character who likes to keep it real, raw & authentic whilst embracing my WHOLE self. All of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the light, the dark, the yin, the yang, the goddess, the badass and everything in between. Since my grand awakening I am passionate about all things Holistic Healing – Sound Healing, Breathwork, Yoga, Ice Bath Submersions, Whole Food Nutrition, Immersion in Nature, Radical Frequency Resonance and all out Spiritual Evolution baby!

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The universe struck me down so I woke the f*** up, stopped taking my blessing for granted, implemented an insane gratitude practise, started taking radical responsibility for my health, my happiness, the entirety of my whole reality and decided to write a book about the ancient tools I used to leverage myself out from my very own “Rock Bottom”. 

You can find out more about my story and even grab yourself a copy of my book here if you want to learn about those practical tools and access the free online demonstrations and sound healing sessions that go along with it. I want this book to be the ultimate toolkit to inspire transformation for those who are feeling sick, stuck, helpless or hopeless.

My Grand Awakening

Ever since I was a little girl music and meditation have been my main medicine. I’ve always loved to dance and sing, and to meditate but I didn’t quite know what meditation was until later in life. Throughout my journey I have found so much happiness and “connectedness” in nature, be it diving under waves in the surf, deep rainforest walks, flying down mountains snowboarding or simply camping in the wilderness with my family. Being close to mother nature herself has always set my soul on fire. After rediscovering my true self through my grand awakening I have carefully crafted a reality where I am blessed enough to be able to create those magical moments of connectedness through sound healing for the people of the planet.

My Medicine

My Journey

I spent a huge portion of my life before this grand awakening “finding myself” or so I thought that’s what I was doing. The truth is, that’s not really how life works. You are not LOST. Your true self is right there buried under subconscious separation, cultural conditioning, societal stories, peoples opinions, BS belief systems and unbearably inaccurate conclusions you drew as a kid that somehow became your deeply ingrained beliefs about who you really are. Crazy right?

My Returning

"Finding yourself” is actually a RETURNING to yourself and thats exactly how it was for me. An unlearning if you will, requiring a true introverted excavation. This profound activation tool was the key to reconnecting to my inner compass and completely changing my life.  You can download your very own Introverted Excavation Questionnaire right now if you want to help yourself re-evaluate who you are, where you are and whether or not you are living in alignment with your highest values so you can start your journey back to who you truly are here to be and become.


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I am an everyday human “being” just like you, trying to figure out the best way to be happy, healthy, grateful & present. I am also a Sound Healer, Hifu Therapist, An EFT Tapping Practitioner, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a snow boarder, a creator, a yogi, an artist, a meditation mentor, an author, a frequency finder, a trail blazer, a light leader and most importantly a mystic mamma to my two glorious earth babes. You can find me down at the beach with my babes or dropping into sound healing ceremonies, making shapes on my yoga mat, submerging into ice baths, firing up at festivals, getting deep in conversations, immersing in all kinds of creativity, adventuring with my faves and always dancing and singing full blast at the traffic lights. Always.

My Jam

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